Buying the right outdoor lights for open and narrow space

While sustainable living and limiting your carbon footprint may sound like jargon to many, it’s just a matter of making responsible choices. Adopting the solar-powered outdoor lighting options won’t only help you save environment but also cut your electricity consumption costs.

Read on to find the best suitable costs for open and narrow spaces:

Fancy Solar Pillar Lights: Best suitable for narrow/residential spaces

Most people still associate solar pillar lights with dull looking lights that line pathways in residential spaces. But if you have a taste for the aesthetics then you should consider adorning your space with the perfect balance of technology and elegance that solar powered, decorative outdoor lights give.   

A variety of solar LED pillar lights are available in the market so you can choose from european style lights, lantern style lights, medieval style lights, etc. Make sure that you check the technical specifications before you invest in a light and only go for a waterproof and high-wattage one that comes with the aesthetically pleasing design. You can even look for bespoke designs based on the visual theme of your space or yard.

Solar Nighthawk Light: Best suitable for broad spaces

Durable, cost-effective and great for a broad area, the nighthawk is a masterpiece as claimed by many solar energy advocates and experts. Take a look at the specifications:

  1. Made with aluminum alloy
  2. Provides up to 2800 lumen brightness  
  3. Lamp power capacity is 20W  
  4. Lithium rechargeable battery (charge cycle times can be extended to 2000 times)
  5. Mono Crystalline Sillicon Solar Panel

Nighthawk lights are waterproof and offer a fairly impressive lifespan, around 50000 hours. After a sufficient charge and depending on the mode, the light can even illuminate for over 2-3 rainy days when it’s exposure to sun is minimal.

The advanced technical specifications include a variety of working modes that you can manually control and set based on the climate conditions.

What makes the solar nighthawk outdoor light is such a good fit is that it’s highly stable and doesn’t pollute. Since it’s solar powered, it makes use of the natural energy of sun and emits light at night. In fact, you won’t have even have to turn on the lights manually as you can set the mode and select the intensity of the illumination. While the battery is effective and durable, you can easily and manually replace it with no professional supervision necessary.

Summing up

When investing in Solar lights, it’s best to focus on the technical aspect as it will help you make a feasible choice without getting overcharged.

Moreover, you can go through a variety of elegant and technically sophisticated pillar and landscape lights to better illuminate your space and ensure its safety. Once you have finalized the visual aspect of the light, look for durable, non-pollutant batteries, advanced lighting modes, auto-manual settings, etc.