Choosing the Right Material for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

When selecting outdoor lighting fixtures, you must look for high-quality materials to make the most out of your invested amount. Choosing the right outdoor LED landscape lighting is an overwhelming decision, as many different lighting options are available in the market.

The outdoor lights have to bear harsh environmental conditions, such as heavy rain, hail, and snow. Many landscape outdoor lamps are made from aluminum, composite, copper, or brass. Some of these materials are durable and strong enough to withstand any harsh environmental condition.

 Here’s what you need to know about each material in detail before selecting the one for your outdoor landscape lighting: 

1. Aluminum Fixtures: Aluminum is an affordable material used for making different lighting fixtures but this material is also low quality. It is not very durable and cannot endure for a long period. It can easily oxidize and even its paint fades away over time.

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Power coating can extend the life of your aluminum solar garden lamps by sealing the aluminum with paint. However, these lighting fixtures can still be affected by UV rays. So, after a few years of installation, you can begin to notice discoloration, chipping, and peeling on their lighting objects.

It is best to use aluminum lighting fixtures in outdoor areas that don’t get direct sunlight or don’t come directly in contact with the harsh environment.

2. Composite Fixtures:

 Composite outdoor lights are made from the combination of various plastics and are known to offer better strength to the hardware. These lighting fixtures are more affordable compared to the metal fixtures but they certainly lack high quality. They begin to degrade over a short period and cannot bear the stress of outdoor elements, leading to costly replacement and shortened bulb life.

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 3. Brass Fixtures:

Brass lighting fixtures are made from a mixture of zinc and copper. It can withstand all environmental conditions strongly and can last for years with extended warranties.

 Brass tends to turn darker over time when it’s exposed to the outdoor elements but it doesn’t corrode. Although this material is expensive compared to other metals, it is one of best materials used for making long-lasting lighting fixtures, be it pillar lamps or solar-powered floodlights.

4. Copper Fixtures:

 It is another high-quality material to choose for your lighting fixtures. People are using copper lighting fixtures since ages for a good reason. It is a good material for making a wide range of objects due to its outstanding strength, thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.

Copper is not as strong as brass but when brass is coated with copper, it is the best material with improved longevity and aesthetics.

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What's the best material for outdoor lighting fixture?

Now you are aware of all the materials available for making outdoor lighting fixtures, you might be confused which material is the best. You must choose the outdoor lighting fixtures that are contrived from corrosion resistant elements, such as brass and copper.

Brass is an alloy that’s made from the fixture of zinc and copper. Lighting fixtures made from this metal are far more superior to low-grade metals or plastic. Outdoor lamps made from high-quality materials like brass and copper have proved their value time and again. So, it is best to choose lighting fixtures made from strong copper and brass materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions for years.

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Why quality of outdoor lighting fixture matters?

Corrosion caused due to moisture is the biggest concern when selecting the right material for outdoor lighting. The copper lighting fixture is a high-quality product that doesn’t react with moisture or water. However, it slowly reacts with atmospheric oxygen and forms a thick layer of blackish brown copper oxide reaction. But copper oxide, unlike rust that is formed when the iron is exposed to moisture in the air, can protect the layer of underlying copper even from the most extensive corrosion.

That’s the reason why many people prefer using copper, as well as copper alloy fixtures, for outdoor lighting. Although both copper and brass fixtures tend to get darker in color due to the process of patina. But patina forms very subtle finish to the outdoor lighting fixtures, which give effortless accent to your home landscape.

High-quality materials used for making more durable and corrosion resistant light objects are replacing the low-quality materials gradually, as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using high-quality materials for outdoor lighting.