Facts you should know about Solar Flagpole lights

According to the US Flag Etiquette, the flag must be illuminated after dusk or taken off. The US Flag Protocol has elaborated rules regarding hoisting flag during rain as well but you need to be highly particular about honoring the flag when you display it at night.

Since, it’s too dark, it’s hard for people to be able to spot the flag. However, the flag is a symbol of centuries of struggle and sacrifices of many patriotic hearts. So, it’s important that you illuminate at night and let it shine over the world while paying your respects to the country and the spirit of brotherhood.

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Flag Pole lights are the go-to option for keeping your flag shining at night but since, it is a matter of honoring the flag and the country, we should be considerate of the environment we inhabit as well. Solar Flag Pole lights are a smart way of ensuring that the flag stays lit and your carbon footprint stays under control.

But deciding which light will be best suitable for your flag may be a little intricate if you have zero experience with solar lights. Read on to find out how you can pick the best solar powered flagpole light for your flag.

Let’s first understand how solar flagpole lights work.

Flagpole lights are manufactured exclusively for flag poles and are generally installed onto the ground or mounted above, on the flagpole to illuminate the flag and the flagpole. What makes them such a smart choice is that they drive power from the sun by using the sunlight and converting it into energy they use later at night when lighting up.

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While some lights work well only after 4-5 hours of charging(receiving sunlight), some lights need 7-8 hours of charge everyday and may not be suitable for colder areas where sun doesn’t come out much. Some specific models even come with advanced features that let the lights store energy for days at a time and use it when the climate is colder and sufficient sunlight isn’t available to charge the batteries.

Solar Flagpole lights make use of certain sophisticated mechanisms that harvest the energy of the sun (sunlight). Based on the intensity of the light, it receives enough charge and uses it at night. This is why, Solar Lights are perfect for places with a warm climate. The intensity of light produced at night also depends on the size of the solar panels (photovoltaic cells). 

Size does matter

The strength of the solar cells and the intensity of the light produced at night depends extensively on the size of the photovoltaic cells integrated with the light. Exposure to sun is definitely important but you can call the wattage point the defining factor of a solar flag pole or any other light.

If you want to illuminate a large size flag, you can use a narrow beam flood light and use the wide beam flood light for a smaller flag. This should be the first aspect of the solar light for your flag that you should consider. Make sure that the size of the light and the flag contrast well to produce a beautiful and majestic silhouette.

Mount it right

Like we mentioned before, you can either mount the light on the ground and light up the flag from below or just mount it on the top of the flagpole. However, the former looks strange with the light on the bottom and the latter damages the flag pole as you will install and attach the light.

Another trend that more people are accepting is illuminating the flag via remotely attached light. But this may be a bit difficult in an open field. 

Quick tips for picking the best Solar Powered FlagPole light

  1. Check whether the light you want to buy or the one you like is compatible with the size of your flag and flagpole or not.
  2. Check the number of hours of illumination it provides and the number of hours of exposure to sun it needs to operate properly.
  3. Does it offer automated controls (like automatic switch on after the sunset;light sensor)?
  4. How many LED bulbs does it have (lighting capacity)?
  5. Does it operate automatically in low-light situations (extreme fog, mist/smog, etc)?
  6. What’s the wattage point (solar panel capacity/strength and size of the cells)?
  7. Is it easy for you to install or will you need to hire an installation professional to mount it right?
  8. Does it come with any protection against the weather (extremely windy/rain, etc; waterproof)?

Most of all, make sure that the light you invest in comes with a reliable warranty/guarantee policy. Don’t forget to check authentic/real reviews to determine which companies are reliable for shopping the solar flagpole light from. 

Summing up

The nation’s flag deserves utmost respect and must always be illuminated when displayed at night. Solar powered flagpole lights provide the straightforward solution to keeping the honorable flag illuminated without getting a headache inducing electricity bill.

You can judge the strength of the light through its wattage point. Make sure that you check the size of the solar panels, the number of the bulbs to understand whether or not the light would be able to illuminate the flag well or not.

Lastly, ensure that you read sufficient reviews of the manufacturing company and vendor before you make the final purchase.