How Solar Energy can light your outdoors?

If you are given the choice between spending money or getting something free, which would you pick? While some might think this to be too good to be true, it is a fact that solar lamps are powered by the always-free sunlight. Once you invest in your favorite solar lights, the costs stop. There is no requirement to spent money on difficult installation, upkeep, or energy.

However, you need to check the quality of the lights you are buying so that they don’t let you down. For a while, most solar powered lights only produced a dim amount of light, and were not very reliable. Thankfully, this is no longer the case with quality solar powered lights.

Have this realization ever hit your mind that solar power can rule the earth for decades to come? Although in the next 20 years, solar panels needs to improve rapidly to the current ones, they have already reached a sufficient point to, in many cases, replace traditional energy sources.

Outdoor solar lighting

There are many challenges that can come up with installing outdoor lighting. Not only it adds to the costing but also one needs to hire a licensed electrician to do the installation.


Solar-powered lights are an increasingly popular alternative. They are affordable, easy to install and can be relocated easily. You also save on electrical costs. Until recently, most solar lights emitted only a dim light and were not all that reliable.This is no more a problem as super-bright LEDs have replaced more conventional filament bulbs. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) create light without the need of generating the waste heat of normal bulbs. As a result, they are very bright, yet require far less electricity to operate. The result is a dependable, long-term "bulb" that will usually shine for the life of the product.

Other recent advances in solar lighting technology include the use of Solar Outdoor Lighting. Solar outdoor lighting systems have increased in popularity over the last decade for many reasons. Solar lamp post lights, solar garden lamps, outdoor solar street lamps are various products of solar outdoor lighting. Solar lights are becoming the new normal for new construction projects and also are a cost savings to replace old electrical underground infrastructure on systems that are failing. 

How Outdoor Solar Lighting Works

Outdoor solar lights require a sufficient amount of sunlight to charge their batteries during the day. Each solar light absorbs the energy from the sunlight and converts it into electrical power, which is stored in the solar light and used at night to power the light on. In ideal situations where the solar light has received optimal sunlight, a fully charged solar light should remain on for up to 15 hours.

There are many outdoor solar lights that have a manual on-off switch or a photocell .The light is turned on when the sun sets and off when it gets light again. Once you turn your outdoor solar light and turn the switch to on, you never have to touch the on/off switch again. The on/off switch automatically charges the battery and turning the switch to off  stores the electrical charge for a special event. The battery will continue to charge even when you turn the switch off while it will be ready for you to use when you turn it back on during the day.

The solar panel should face due south and be positioned at an angle so it is perpendicular to the sun for maximum solar charge. Make sure the solar panel isn’t shaded at any time during the day and make sure the solar light is positioned in an area that’s dark at night. It is very important to consider geographic and site-specific variables when choosing a product. A solar lighting system will work well only as long as the solar cells receive the manufacturer's recommended hours of sunlight.             

While solar power continues to grow, a move towards solar LED lights will increase the safety and security while providing a zero energy option for new installations; therefore, not adding to our already extended use of grid power.In the end, switching to LED lighting will not only reduce power consumption but  will also provide additional safety and security to pedestrians and drivers. Increased visibility in an outdoor setting is always a requirement and LED lights will do the needful to make it happen.