The components of high end solar lights in detail

Almost few decades back, sustainable living was the next big thing. But now, it has become the priority of many thanks to the growing environmental and social awareness. Not only solar lights keep your energy consumption low but also help you keep your electricity expense at a minimum. Just in case, you have no idea about how to get started with sophisticated yet cost-effective high end solar lights, keep on reading to understand the basics.

How do they really work?

The photovoltaic effect is what makes the solar lights work. The photovoltaic/solar cells are responsible for transforming sunlight into direct electric current which powers the lights. The solar panels harvests the sunlight during the day and uses the harvested energy to brighten up the surroundings at night. 

Yes, solar lights run on batteries.

The sunlight that these solar lights absorb during the day is kept in the batteries in the form of energy. Later at dusk, the solar lights use this energy to illuminate the surroundings. 

Picking the right location for the high end solar lights

To make sure that your solar lights work best to their efficiency, you need to install the lights in a space that gets sufficient sunlight. Most people end up installing lights in spaces that don’t go completely dark at night. This is what keeps the lights from lighting up after dusk.

So, make sure that you install the lights in an area that gets no light from the nearby light sources after dusk.  

Solar lights in colder areas

Solar light panels are employed in the open because they run on sunlight. In colder areas that receive a lot of snowfall, solar lights may not yield sufficient results especially during the colder months of the year. Most of the contemporary series of solar lamps and lights now come with weather resistant build. 

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An area that doesn’t receive extreme snowfall or rainfall is best suitable for using solar lights in. However, it’s best to store your outdoor solar fixtures/lights during the colder months of the year. You don’t have to uninstall them unless they run the risk of getting submerged in the rain or the snow but make sure that you turn the switch off. 

Installing solar lights right

If you are installing solar panels, you may want to involve an expert installation professional. But if you are using an outdoor lamp that you just have to assemble and install, follow the guidelines/instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can even uninstall it from your space, repackage it and install it somewhere else.

Since, there’s not a lot of hardware involved, you won’t have to worry about using sophisticated tools. In fact, a screwdriver may just suffice.  

How long do they last?

The duration for which your solar light will run depends on how long the solar light is charged during the day and the amount of sunlight it receives.

Based on this, the run time for the lights may vary but most lights last up to 15 hours.

Also, weather has a huge impact on the runtime of these lights. Summer months mean longer days and more sunlight hence more sunlight. However, cloudy weather and shorter colder/wintry days means lesser sunlight and lesser run time.

The batteries must be replaced every two years though but if your batteries are not lasting long enough, consider getting them examined.

If your batteries don’t work properly, make sure that you have installed that lights right so enough lights reach the setup well.

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Why you need to consider the high end solar lights?

It’s no surprise that electricity costs a lot of money but what if you could harness the power of the sun and be self-reliant? This is exactly why solar lights are so promising. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any extensive wiring or any hardware installation.

It’s cost effective since it saves money on the energy bill and helps you run the batteries for long without using a non-renewable source of electricity. You don’t even need to turn the power source on and can easily have the lights in your backyard or your garden area without worrying about the weather.

They turn on automatically, detecting the dusk and dawn based on exposure to natural light or other light source.

They are environment friendly and don’t require a lot of manual intervention or setup for operating well. Fairly durable, these lights work better than the non-renewable and costlier sources of energy.

Summing up

There are wide variety of outdoor residential and commercial solar lights and lamps available in the market. You can rely on the sophisticated and reputed brands and buy Cree solar lights or explore more cost-effective means that will help you keep your energy consumption under control.

Also, solar lights are fairly simple to handle and install and more often than now, you can resolve the minor issues at home, on your own. They don’t only save you a lot of money in the long run but also illuminate your open space like no other artificial source of light.