Why Should We Switch to Solar LED Lights?

Traditional methods of lightings come from electricity-producing turbines derived from non-renewable and limited sources of energy. These lightings are a product of sources that can dry up and exhaust at any moment. We all know from where fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy are derived and for how long it will last us.

 But solar energy has its source from the Sun which is a sustainable form of energy and Solar LED Lights are generated through this sustainable energy. What could possibly be better than that? Of course, there is one, the combination of solar power and LED lightings.

Solar Lights

 The efficiency of both Solar Power and LED Lighting.

It is the perfect solution for any outdoor lighting application from parking lots to street lights. Outdoor lightings are most needed during the night, which means during the daytime the lamps can obtain solar energy. Then convert the energy to electrical power and use it in powering the light sources at night.   

There are many benefits as to why we should switch to using solar lights instead of the traditional form of lightings. Apart from the main reason that using solar lamps will reduce the exhaustion of non- renewable resources and protect the environment from harmful emissions, here are some more benefits of using Solar LED Lights. 

  • It requires a lesser amount of power in comparison to the other lightings.
  • It doesn’t produce any form of heat.
  • A highly non-toxic form of lighting.
  • It has a long span of existence.
  • Very low cost required for its maintenance.
  • It doesn’t produce any irritating buzzing noise.
  • It is a recyclable form of lighting.

A few years ago using solar lights was considered as just another alternative to the traditional methods of lightings. Most of us saw it as a new trend being implemented on the market and might have also thought that it will pass away soon, like all the other trends. But that wasn’t the case for solar lightings. Little did we knew at that time that the rise of Solar energy is the dawn of our future. The future which we all feared from losing it.

After a decade of implementing LED lights in our society, now there are many companies that manufacture all kinds of lightings powered by solar energy.

With each passing day, every household in this world is looking for any kind of ways to cut down their unnecessary electrical bills. Adopting LED lighting and solar energy is the best cost-effective solution that will help save money and at the same time put a positive impact on environmental issues.

One such company that has been running the business of supplying and exporting solar lamps to the world is Outdoor Solar Lamp. A reputed company based in the USA that manufactures high-quality solar lights and other solar appliances for both domestic and commercial use. The company’s main motive is to bring about a sustainable and eco-friendly change in society with the help of solar lamps economically and environmentally. 

The solar lamp manufactured by the company is a lighting system composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, and charge controller that operates through batteries charged with the use of a solar photovoltaic panel. Some of the widely supplied items are Cree Solar Lights, Solar LED Pillar Lights, Solar Pillar Lights, Solar Pole Lights, etc.  

Highlights of some of the different ranges of products the company provides.

Cree Solar Lights: JY8-813 is a flag light which features a powerful 3W Cree white LED positioned at the center of its reflective panel.

Solar LED Pillar Lights: Solar Lantern Pillar Lights, Solar Modern Pillar Lights, Solar Spindle Top Pillar Light, European Style Gate Post Light, Solar Post Cap Light from Dust to Dawn, etc.

Outdoor Solar Street Lights: Commercial Solar Street Moon Light, Commercial Solar Nighthawk Street Light, Commercial Solar Flybird Street Light, Solar Butterfly Light, etc.

Solar Wall Lights: Solar Outdoor Wall Light Dusk to Dawn, Solar Spindle Top Wall Light, Lantern Wall Light, Solar Modern Wall Lights, etc.

Not only does the company offer affordable items of LED Lights but also provides low-cost services for all kinds of installation. Contact Outdoor Solar Lights for any kind of assistance.